Building Strong Fathers

So Your Sons & Daughters Can Stand Your Shoulders


The Cave - Coming Father's Day 2018

7 Men Adventure to Colorado for a Life Defining Experience in Courageous Friendship. Inspired by David’s Wilderness Years in the Cave at Adullam till the time of his Mighty Men.  

Written in 2015, now it comes to the light of day as an encouragement to you!

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It’s the Call of the Mighty!

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So be strong, show Yourself a Man! 1 Kings 2:2


Tools, Tips, and Talks With Your Kids


Imagine you and I are standing at this mountain top. We've just hiked a long trail, turned the corner, and now we see this amazing view. Wow! What a moment on the peak! A few minutes ago we had our heads down trying not to trip up the hill. Now our world just opened up. You can see everything! Makes my heart come alive thinking about it... It's these moments that are memorable, defining, and inspiring.

Let me ask you, what's the most important thing we would be talking about? Only you can answer that question... Whatever your answer... I'm in! I want to hear, learn, and encourage you my friend!

In the 21 Essentials of Manhood we have crafted over 40 segments "Talking Points" to stimulate your reflections and further study. You will find over 4 Hours of Teaching, Training, and Stories that will serve a talking points to guide your development and discussion with other men. I've learned a few minutes of reflection opens up the heart and gets you ready for the really important conversations.

We have a free self-guided video course to get you grounded and started toward being a Stronger Father!


Events for Men in 2018

Dads Need Cool Ways to Engage with Their Sons and Daughters.


A Daughters Heart - Colorado Springs 

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 6:30pm or Saturday, February 24th, 2018 6:00 pm

A Daughter’s Heart 2018 will be a celebratory evening for fathers and daughters. There will be dining while live music plays in the background, a special program with special speaker Russell Verhey, and of course – 2 hours of non-stop dancing! Here are the specifics:

Theme:  Irreplaceable Treasure

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Father Son / Daughter Colorado Summer Adventure 


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Building Strong Men - Sonship Retreat